Financial responsibility

We take care of profitability and competitiveness to maintain long-term vitality and assume environmental and social responsibilities. We’re committed to conducting business fairly and ethically.


Environmental responsibility

Even the small things matter. Among the things we do for the environment are environment-friendly packaging materials, reducing food losses, acquiring energy-efficient equipment, and minimizing waste. In our daily operations, we consider the environmental impacts and required changes and continue to develop them.

Social responsibility

Our motivated and continuously evolving team and our partner network form a foundation to ensure a high-quality and recognizable experience for our versatile clientele. We are committed to ensuring non-discrimination, equality, good leadership, continuous development of well-being and safety, and respect for human rights in our operations.

Oiva food control

Oiva is a food control information disclosure system coordinated by the Finnish food authority. Oiva’s food control authorities evaluate the company’s food safety. The inspection results are published in the form of a smiley face. Whenever Oiva smiles, the company’s food is safe for consumers. More information about Oiva can be found at operated by the Finnish food authority. You can see our restaurants’ Oiva reports here.

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